Unique workshops

for an uplifting impact on well-being in teams, companies and organizations

A number of workshops is also available as online workshop or webinar.


  • Harmonize psyche and emotion at stress-related conditions
  • Facilitate renewed energy levels and enlightening impact on creative / productive thinking
  • Raise awareness for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and other pathologies and syndromes related to postures or work conditions, such as the famous “text-neck” *
  • Positively stimulate mindset and social interaction

* Often referred to as Repetitive Strain Injury (SRI)


  • Evidence-based: the workshops build on scientific studies and literature
  • Interactive presentation and hands-on practice go hand in hand
  • Multilingual Dutch and French
  • With flexible customization we help you to define your desired formula
  • You set the timetable: during, before or after work, during the lunch break …
  • In your offices or company building or at the venue of your choice


Sleep and stress: the dream couple

Learn how essential oils can help you deal with acute and chronic stress conditions during daytime and difficulties in falling asleep and sleeping throughout the night | Workshop | Geert De Vuyst

10 essential oils for an active life in balance

10 aromatic plant extracts to support our well-being: action on our psyche, emotions and body functions | Workshop | Geert De Vuyst

Your workshop tailored to your organization

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