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10 essential oils for an active life in balance

This workshop is also available as a webinar. Find out about the Formats.



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Participation in this workshop is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Special precautions, where applicable, are communicated in the course of the workshop.


Interactive presentation

  • Types and denomination of aromatic plant extracts: essential oils, (cold) extracts, absolutes; vegetable oils, macerates
  • Application methods: spray, inhalation, topical (skin)
  • Operating principles: pharmacological, physiological, hedonic, psychological
  • Toxicity and safety guidelines
  • Purchase criteria, with special attention to endangered species and sustainable growth and harvesting
  • A review of selected essential oils, (cold) extracts and absolutes: properties, toxicity and applications (using scent strips)

Looking for a workshop with hands-on practice?

This workshop is available in a 3-hour version. Participants prepare of a blend (synergy) of essential oils and take the bottle home for diffusion, inhalation or topical application (skin).


  • Harmonize psyche and emotion at stress-related conditions
  • Facilitate renewed energy levels and enlightening impact on creative / productive thinking
  • Positively stimulate mindset and social interaction


  • Evidence-based: the workshops build on scientific studies and literature
  • Interactive presentation and hands-on practice go hand in hand
  • Multilingual Dutch and French
  • With flexible customization we help you to define your desired formula
  • You set the timetable: during, before or after work, during the lunch break …
  • In your offices or company building or at the venue of your choice


Workshop available in French → and Dutch

Online workshop or webinar 1 hour

2 rates: up to 50 participants and > 50 participants

Dutch or French

€ (contact me)
(1 hour without a break)*

Workshop 1hr30

Up to 25 participants

Dutch or French

€ 450
(1 hour 30 min. without a break)*

Workshop 3 hours with hands-on practice

Up to 25 participants

Dutch or French

€ 750
(3 hours incl. a 15 min. break)*

* Included: class hours plus agreed breaks plus 15 minutes in advance plus 15 minutes afterwards.

Plus mileage allowance from Kortrijk (Belgium) at current rate.

Rates exempt from VAT. Payment 14 days past invoice date. An advance of 30% is payable at the conclusion of the agreement. The Terms and Conditions apply.

Task planner

We take care of:

  • the workshop
  • the supplies
  • the certificates of participation

You handle:

  • the organization and optional promotion of the activity to your public, members, customers …
  • the registrations
  • providing a room with a beamer (VGA or HDMI) (and optional white board or flipchart)
  • (optionally) water and/or hot drinks during the break
  • the civil liability
  • (optionally) setting the rate per participant, charging and invoicing the participants

Your workshop tailored to your organization

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