Training Courses for Professionals

Therapeutic use of essential oils:
topical application and massage therapy
Advanced applications

Specialization (Level 2)


You are a therapist or a health/care professional looking to:

  • expand your knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy applications
  • broaden your therapeutic scope by including essential oils in your massage therapy practice.

The “Specialization (Level 2)” courses are available to therapists and health/care professionals having theoretical knowledge and/or experience, either in massage therapy, in aromatherapy, or in both areas, acquired thru education or clinical practice.

Course programme


Upon completion of this course you acquired specialized knowledge for immediate application in your professional activity.

For courses organized with the support of the Collège International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux you receive a Specialization certificate (Level 2), delivered by the Collège. For courses in our own organization, you receive a Specialization certificate (Level 2) delivered by Geert De Vuyst, valid within the scope of our activities (see Study plan and certification).


Single day training: 9h30-13h, 14h-17h.


Course content and teachers can change without individual notification.

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