60 Essential Oils for the Massage Therapy Practice - Handbook

60 Essential Oils
for the Massage Therapy Practice - Handbook

For professionals: massage/manual therapists, psychotherapists, health and care professionals, aromatherapists/aromatologists

Massage Therapy Center - Harelbeke, Belgium - (c) Geert De Vuyst

Work status: currently being written in Dutch

About the book

You are a therapist or health/care professional looking at integrating natural essential oils in your work with clients or patients. Built around client-oriented protocols, this handbook explores the aromatherapeutic applications of essential oils, extracts and absolutes in the massage therapy practice. The author covers biochemical properties and toxicity, blending techniques, precautions and safety measures and explores the research and evidence of 60+ aromatic extracts. The extracts are selected for their application in a variety of treatments: massage therapy including whole-body massage, local treatments of the musculoskeletal system and supporting circulation, pre- and postnatal massage, infant massage and facial massage, as well as diffusion in the waiting and practice rooms and the client foot bath.


  • Foreword by Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist, author, founder of Pranarôm International
  • Focus on the therapeutic application of aromatic plant extracts in the professional massage practice: massage therapy, diffusion and foot bath
  • Practice-oriented, with protocols and safety measures
  • Extended references to literature and scientific studies
  • Based on 14 years experience in massage therapy practice


  • Aromatic plant extracts
  • Vegetable oils and macerates
  • Properties of aromatic oils, biochemical families and constituents
  • Blending and synergies
  • Application: massage therapy
    • Whole-body massage (kyo and jitsu)
    • Local treatments: musculoskeletal system; circulation
    • Pre- and postnatal (postpartum) massage
    • Infant massage
    • Facial massage
  • Application: diffusion
  • Application: foot bath
  • Management of skin disorders in the massage therapy practice
  • Aromatics (60 essential oils for the massage therapy practice)
  • Toxicity and safety guidelines

About the author

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