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Geert De Vuyst

Hello, I’m Geert.

With a blend of unique workshops, training courses and ingenious advice, I create an uplifting impact on well-being in teams, companies and organizations.

I currently provide workshops and training courses in French and Dutch.

If you’re looking to develop your well-being skills in your company or organisation, check out the workshops Sleep and stress: the dream couple and 10 essential oils for an active life in balance.

If you’re a therapist, health/care professional or spa/wellness professionals, check out the training courses on scent experience, essential oils and aromatherapy applications at, the Aromatherapy Learning Platform (FrenchDutch).

Teaching is definitely my passion. I love working through research and literature, turning what we know and what science hasn’t figured out yet into meaningful practice for everyday life and work conditions: at the office, retail outlet and in the public space; at a wellness or spa center or in a therapist setting.

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A journey

Geert holds a Master of Science in Industrial Sciences degree from Groep T (Leuven, Belgium) and studied information technology at VUB (Brussels, Belgium). He spent the first 15 years of his career working in high-tech industries in France and Belgium.

Passionate about French culture, he moved to Toulouse, France in his early twenties where he lived for 11 years. In search of his own path, he joined the meridian shiatsu therapist training program International School Shiatsu Yoga Mediterraneo in 2005. Upon his move back to Flanders he pursued his training at Iokai Shiatsu (Paris, France). In parallel to his independent business activities, Geert practised as a therapist in his successful Massage Therapy Center up until 2021.

In 2016 he completed the six-day training course “Scientific medical aromatherapy” at the Collège International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux (Ghislenghien, Belgium). Since than Geert focuses on the study, teaching and practice of scent experience, essential oils and aromatherapy applications in daily life and work conditions.  Current and past work assignments include:

  • Lecturer at the Collège International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux (Enghien, Belgium)
  • Lecturer (“Lector”) at VIVES University College “Bachelor in well-being and vitality management” (Kortrijk, Belgium): courses Spa management, Spa marketing; Aromacare
  • Workshops for individuals at Avansa (previously Vormingplus), Colruyt Group Academy …

In search of new ways to facilitate education in the fields of aromatic plant extracts and aromatherapy, Geert launches the Aromatherapy Learning Platform in 2021.